Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive & SPA

Matahari Tulamben Resort, Dive & SPA
Jl. Kubu-Abang | Tulamben - Karangasem, Tulamben, Bali 80853, Indonesia

Actually, we have decided to no longer post as often repeats etc. and subjective opinions are represented. But these texts lately are very strange for us and reflect the rich Europeans again!

Now what is going on here? Since we were frequently at Matahari we already know the practice and want to get rid of what, in our view times.

  • Everything is subject to change, nice!! When actually is a resort renew itself? (Certainly between New Year's and if I'm not there as a guest!)
  • Last year, criticism of the structural conditions of the bungalows and rooms through you (Gudrun and Michael) was loud, so your wechseltet the neighboring resort, why you're not there, checked again? Too expensive? Now here once is padded, and not spilled like it again you not.
  • We think it's so great that a single woman, so shop alone keeps running, and the resort is such a future. If you ever ever summer worked on the building, it can imagine. Micah and yes, some still need to work hard for your store in the private sector, but that you do not like right in your job, right?
  • Here to haggle on prices yet, I personally find pathetic! One dive to € 10.00 with Porter, transportation and guide? Why do not you even to the west, the Mediterranean and the Americas, in Egypt I have general prices so to € 25.00 for a bottle of TG and lead without anything.
  • Oh, I'd like to even know where to Tulamben prices are lower? You connect to the site from neighboring Mimpi or Tauchterminal you pay twice, so where was it dive??

Here there is a proverb with us when the mice are fed the meal is bitter!
  • And now for diving: if a diver about 600 TG has on the clock, and need a guide to dive a wreck, which is located about 20 meters from shore, and depth at 5 to 25 meter. ? I've even worn my Gerödel, and my buddy was already 5.00 clock on the wreck and got the "Bumphaeds" out of bed (awesome feeling an hour with 50 fish ALONE)
  • Diving I associate with sports because we want to move as well and it fills us with wonder, awe yes, because if a woman like two to three complete tank with jacket etc.'s on her head through the debris and riparian zones. Oh and warning issues too!
  • I was not here and I'm glad that once everything is spoon-fed! Which is actually asking skiers to the black run after his certification? I do not believe that even a German base owner understands my complete med findings on TTU, also is the sense or nonsense of such a document controversial as ever known. I learned to dive alone, and I like sometimes alone. Well I'm just not the navel of the world, but what do you go wrong on such a stretch of beach on the left is a wreck right a small drop-off, and in the middle of a horny Korralengarten, all in the 0-35 meter range. How much instruction is needed here? Well the invitation of the spots was for me a point of criticism, but my guides were able to communicate with me (OK, it was not Oxford English), it is often spoken very hard, but it always Niels slipped.
  • The drying of clothes in a tropical area without a dryer for me is always one of the greatest feats, since where even plastic bums and attaches itself steel rust, may sometimes a towel smell musty. Even at home in rainy season in the fall, when the washing is hung for several days in the drying room, with its scent of fabric softener is nothing left, but we have Miele, Siemens, etc.!
  • And my gear is precious to me, and my life depends on it, I've always taken this to my bungalow, where I was able to maintain it dry alone, and it was stored safely, with whoever wants to steal there already?
  • And finally, yes we are in the tropics (Inschala) because everything looks the Asian guy with a smile, and when he did not understand what he says "Yes" is also funny. But who has often times been in Asian learns to deal with it, because in our home so much is promised and ....
We wanted to get rid of me, because often we have the impression that we forget is where you actually visited, and makes its high expectations from home to the fore. Why then is not at home?

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Beach

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Bedroom

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Bungalow

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Gates

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Pool

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Restaurant

Matahari Tulamben Resort - Sunrise

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