Amori Villa
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Br. Dukuh, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud, Bali 80552, Indonesia +61 411 075 415

From the moment we arrived at the site of the Amorites, to the day when we had bid farewell to the wonderful staff, our stay just perfect. I chose Amori due to its hidden location in Ubud, but still within manageable distance away from the central square.

We booked the Tree House Villa who can most of the 5 existing suites is in Amori experience. We were warmly greeted by Kadek, our butler on the day of arrival. It is us. Kindly welcome drinks and fresh fried onion rings They asked us if we had any dietary restrictions, they should know that, if we wanted to go out for dinner, where they had dinner reservations in advance or excursions on the island who can arrange for them to help us.

The personal attention from the staff was the best I have ever experienced from any hotel / villas in Bali. On the ground floor of the Amori is simply breathtaking. The view from the dining room looking down on the pool and the valley beyond cover looks like something out of a travel magazine. When we walked into our house, I could not be happier. Everything exceeded our expectations. I had to send the management asked me pictures before booking the accommodation, these images that he does not meet me an email. Our biggest disappointment was that we had not booked for the whole week and we were only there for 4 nights.

The outdoor shower and a marble bathroom with Jacuzzi (typically found in higher end properties and Bali hotels are offered) are in a large tropical semi-tropical garden outside the main building. There is a separate outdoor shower for those who are less adventurous. The bedroom is quite spacious with a minibar and a safe in a traditional Balinese chest. The living room is spacious with access to the terrace with built-in seating area. The glass walls of the living room capture the experience of what is in the Tropic.

We kept the doors open all the time and forget about the air conditioning. The morning breeze saturated around the room with such exotic flavors fragrance of wild flowers and tropical trees around us. The Balinese structure and design was very good, it's in a Zen and authentic way without it's thought to be Indigenous. Breakfast selection was very fresh and cooked to our liking. I only had a healthy breakfast with a cup of fresh mint and ginger tea all the time, when I was there. My travel companion had. Indonesia tries to Goring (fried rice) and it was very tasty I spent most of my time in the 'Bale "with the gazebo by the pool. Staff is regularly provided to us and that we feel comfortable. Amori offers to free transfers and from the main shopping and business area in Ubud.

We took the shuttle bus to go out shopping and dinner. Our driver Danny and Marsa were very knowledgeable about places to visit and restaurants in Ubud. Kadek Mozie or recommendations on various places for each night for dinner and to know our preferred cuisine. These personal details made a big different to us. It is something that one experiences not really in other hotels, and forget about the big chains.

Kitchen in Amori is actually pretty good. I ordered afternoon snack a few times and the burger was delicious, and coming from a New Yorker is very picky when it comes to his burger! The Indonesian dishes selection was also very authentic delicious. Staff would ask the extra mile. We decided to go hiking through the adjacent village, rice paddy fields, the river and the hills. One of the staff us escorted to make sure that we would not proceed. I burnt down on my was walking on hot stone at the foot of the valley near the river. Kadek to buy an aloe vera body lotion and brought it to the villa. I was very pleased with her warmth touched. All in all, we were more than happy with our stay and we will definitely be back.

Amori is a place to get relax, to relax and leave everything behind and just fall in love (Amore) with nature, with the Balinese culture, and perhaps the very definition of the word itself within you and your partner love once you leave the premises to define. It is simply a hidden paradise in Ubud.

Amori Villa Honeymoon Bedroom

Amori Villa Bedroom

Amori Villa Pool And Tea House

Amori Villa Pool

Amori Villa View From The Valley

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