Hi, for those of you who have long known this blog, maybe it was not strange to the ability of my bad English ..

Yeah, I did not speak English well. Because of the language I have used is Indonesian.

But my intention is to share things of interest in the world of travel, especially on Bali made ​​me keep trying to update this blog.

All articles in this blog I'm working on with the help of Google Translate, so I hope you do not curse at me because my English is poor quality.

My goal is to make this blog is to share information about the beauty of Bali, here I also provide information about cheap hotels in Bali (and other countries) so you want a vacation with a low budget can be helped.

By the way, My name ISMI, you can contact me via email: ismiskinhead@gmail.com if you want to ask anything about Bali. If I can help to help you, I would be happy to help you.

I hope you can be a good friend on this blog :) God Bless you