The development of traditional Balinese musical instruments having a new, more consonant leads to silence the musical art form of aesthetics after experiencing crisis in this century.

"The history of music can be summed up as a battle between the two trends, one party interested in combining the things considered beautiful to the formal structure, while on the other hand that destroys the freedom of expression restrictions and requirements," said I Wayan Gede Yudane, an alumnus of the Art Institute Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar

Speaking at a seminar on "The Role of Active Alumni Building Character in the Implementation of the Nation", actors and practitioners of the art in the artist colony of Ubud, Gianyar, that rate, which is quite exciting art adventure pushing composition to the limit of the maximum.

Thus, the music of this century has been enriched by a voice that allows to express the depth and sensitivity, although not in a universal context.

"At least not in the sense that is relevant and present that to be able to put themselves in a position to connect with the past and taking into account the presence of music and sounds, including acoustic technical possibilities," said Gede Yudane day before participants senimar held in welcoming dies natalist IX and arts graduation X.

In front of about 100 participants consisting of students, faculty, and alumni of institutions of higher learning that art, Gede Yudane reminded all that far exceeded the power limits of human hearing.

Spectacular explosion likely to bring a challenge because the listener or the viewer can be submerged in saturated and lost interest in the most artistic.

Therefore, as a composer, not confined to spontaneously compose, because all the work was impromptu so trivial and uninteresting challenged by consonant new traditional Balinese gamelan music.

All of it has a unique aesthetic purposes, but it can be accepted by the community and love. Therefore, a new consonant gamelan music composers can expect every pour something nuanced and reflects the truth.
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