Infinity Mountainbiking - Day Tours

Infinity Mountainbiking - Day Tours
Jalan Yudistira, perum kuta damai 3, Canggu, Bali 10000, Indonesia

I have the Epic 70 km Country Tour (thrown with an additional 8 km in for good measure). The wheels are new, high quality Giants, and is well maintained. Can we or European brake / shift on request. Seats won.

The tour itself is a great deal for experienced mountain bikers who are reasonably fit (read: not for day-trippers, the only road trips on hybrids) are cut. The Cross Country was done non-technical, but there were good single track sections, which can be reduced only bombed, if you know what you ', do (otherwise you just go slower). We were in the saddle for about 5 hours, which for me is fantastic. The landscape seen from the mountains to get high on the way to the beach through the network of single-track, golf cart trails, and occasionally (low) roads.

Infinity Mountainbiking - Day Tours Bali

An excellent lunch is provided, and there are regular stops for water / electrolyte and a nightcap Wagon for those who want to finish it before the rest of the group.

By far the best day of my holiday in Bali!

Tip: You can download a full suspension for $ 10 extra gets, and it's worth the money if you can achieve soft riding.

View from Lereng Agung Restaurant
View from Lereng Agung Restaurant

Infinity Mountainbiking - Day Tours Challenging Track
Challenging drop off

Infinity Mountainbiking - Day Tours Bali Scenery

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