Wonderful Night In Nusa Dua With Devdan Show

I was lucky and was to be part of a group in the evening Devdan experience. The theater is beautiful, comfortable, what a city like Melbourne would be proud. If you like the theater, please do not miss this event.

The location is at the Paris end of Nusa Dua. After the show, you can use one of the many restaurants, or have a drink at the bar

Devdan Show At Bali Nusa Dua Theatre

But the location is just one thing. The map is different.

I live in Bali, and have seen many cultural shows, which are beautiful. It was a great opportunity to learn about Indonesia, see some amazing acrobatic strength and dance. The show combines both Indonesian cultural dance with modern westernized forms and music.

The satellite dish ballet took my breath away, my favorite part of the whole show.

I had a wonderful night. Go as a couple or as a group. Then there is a lot to see. The card is 1.5 hours, which I have a good time too wrapped up in the music and dance. The Devdan Show is a must see for anyone visiting Nusa Dua! I would highly recommend it as it is definitely worth every cent! The show was absolutely spectacular! I enjoyed every part of it, I was engaged and they even had me up on stage... Though if you are a shy type, don't stress they wont force you to participate!

Bali Nusa Dua Theatre

Devdan Show Bali Scene

Devdan Show Java Scene

Devdan Show Papua Scene

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