Aroma Spa Retreat Sanur - Unique Spa Experience In Sanur Bali

Aroma Spa Retreat, Sanur Bali
Jalan By pass Ngurah Rai #195 Sanur Bali, Sanur, Bali 80228, Indonesia

+62361 283802

Aroma Spa Retreat Sanur A unique spa experience in Sanur Bali, Aroma Spa Retreat offers clients a sequence of treatments that work together to relax, renew and revive the stressed and fatigued. Aroma Spa Retreat Sanur offers Full day treatments for 7 hours, or half day treatments for 4 hours or many different individual treatments. If you want the deluxe unique experience the Aroma Signature is the full day includes 7 hours of treatments lunch and 2 fresh juices. One treatment is nice, 7 hours of treatments change the way you feel.

I booked the airport six hours Chill package worth $ 149 on my last day in Bali. They pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the airport at the end of Sanur, this is easy Rp 100.000 - 200. 000 in itself

Because of the peace and relaxation that you get, it's worth every penny. After changing kimono and retention in their own belongings (which in a box to travel with you wherever you go), you will be asked to repeat a mantra can relax (you deserve it!) Some simple breathing and stretching exercises. It's all too sweet.

Then you move into the well with a lovely koi (and Turtle) pond. It is nice and the beds here for you where you get your foot in massage, reflexology massage, hot rolling bag and Indonesian jamu (a nice blend of ginger, lemon and honey). They only allow a certain number of customers every day, and so there are not very many other people around were. This was wonderful, as it were moments when I felt really alone and there was no stress on external factors in addition to the noise, the lame trickle of the water.

Aromatherapy detox massage was very relaxing to the point that I dozed. Oops! But it was very, very satisfying for my weary limbs of a whole week of diving and hiking. I think I would have a little more pressure, however, was probably also worth mentioning. On the sheet when you check in for the first time, you can choose the hardness of the water pressure. I chose medium / hard, but I wish that I then decided to determine because it's easier for less pressure you ask it.

The lunch was very refreshing, a salad with chicken. but still very healthy enough. The juice options are also very good.

And finally, the pedicure and blow dry with clean hair made sure that I was pampered. There are many other packages that offer variations of a spa day so you definitely take a look at the website for what it is best suited.

The staff was very pleasant. One can see that they tried very hard to guests make their stay as pleasant as possible for you to have a good time. You may have to be patient with them, as they still are working on the English and can not take it to your inquiries immediately. I needed them to repeat themselves a few times as well. The owner, see Sonya wandered about the business. She is a very friendly lady who brings great pride in the Spa Retreat.

On the way to the airport after a day like this ... I could not imagine a better way to end a trip to Bali.

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