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Amed Scuba Center
Amed Beach | Karangasem, Amed, Bali 80852, Indonesia
+6281999 123 847

Back from vacation, it is time to write a review and makes it fun when it was just perfect. It is now long, but that's a particularly good experience.

In sequence:

The first e-mail contact with Christine we (my husband and I) after having read the reviews here in E-mails were answered very nice, spacious and detailed. Our requests were addressed individually and we proposed a route in advance with interest and dive sites.

Transfer: Christine was waiting at the airport in Denpasar on us with lei and cold drinks. Previously we had already agreed to the 3-hour transfer to Amed, so it went straight to the base.

Accommodation: In Amed we lived right in the base, where they had a really great room. Actually two. The first all-glass, non-air-conditioned with "bed reading" - totally comfortable. Behind it is the second air-conditioned rooms with "sleeper" with mosquito net, bed, water dispenser, and safe. We could relax on the great balcony with comfortable chairs. Shower is outdoors under circumstances with visitors (Geko and Rossi (Christine's cat)). Although we were treated like guests, but it felt very familiar with Christine. On the first night there was a welcome dinner with many Balinese dishes - very tasty! Later, we may even cook for the cooking class times.

During our trip we stayed in two different hotels on the north coast. Both very nice, ... with good rooms, food, pool Both were elected super.

Board: Breakfast always in the hotel / base, the dinner was concerned by Christine. I do not know where she had it, but it was always very good! In the evening we had made suggestions where to eat, or we "eat at home" can take us some as take-away from a warung to.

Pura Ulun Danu Amed

Sightseeing on water: Christine is the best guide, you can get the. Since she lives in Bali for several years and speaks the language, they know each other both locally and culturally very well. We have seen a lot of - several temples and palaces water, hot springs, animals, villages, markets, we were at the Agung, Ubud and ... in a Buddhist monastery In the market they kept us against fraud using a spice trader. Since our Christine passed for once ;) laughter. Thank you again!

Along the way they drew our attention to various ceremonies and encouraged us even closer ;) ranzugehen. Very exciting. In a village near the base we were able to conclude even participate in a ceremony. For this we were invited by an employee of Christine.

Diving: dive was always in different places from the land or from a boat. Always very relaxed because we were only three on the road. She showed us amazing creatures that we would probably not even be found.
All future guests we put much fond wish at least once Brata as guide! Brata working as an independent guide for the base and is just great. Very very nice and open, speaks good English, is making excellent briefings, handles both above and under water always to its guests, has a very good eye for particular animals. That's just fun.

The base is from packing and hauling the equipment, rinsing and hanging everything taken by the staff. Also on the tour Christine has always helped us to rinse the equipment and dry.

Christine provides its guests with everything you really need. Actually, it goes with bikini / swimsuit to come, everything else is either already in the room (toothbrush, shower gel / shampoo, soap, toothpaste, anti-mosquito stuff, disinfectants ...) or can be procured quickly. Unfortunately, we forgot our snorkel at your departure from Amed. Since we were a few days in Kuta yet, Christine is an extra 3 hours there and then went back again to bring us the snorkel. That kind of service you will not find anywhere!

Christine was particularly true their local employees and partners in mind. They refrained from two dives to take with us, so that could Brata (above) dive with us and earn as little more money. Although this is money, of course, lacks the cash of their own. Even her staff at the dive center, it promotes the best of their opportunities, funded driver's licenses, supports families, granted leave paid (not a given in Bali), etc. It's definitely in this dive center not to the greatest profit, but it is both the visitor and the employees perceived as person whose welfare it is. In our opinion, absolutely worth supporting.

Who is playing with the idea of ​​making holiday in Bali and the best sites but would also make sightseeing over water should definitely go on tour with Christine! Both experienced divers and beginners will get their costs. Speaking of cost: The tour is really not expensive for everything that is offered. It is definitely worth. As potential customers we have contacted you at the airport, it has felt more like the visit of a friend and we left as friends who hopefully can come back soon!

Everything, of course, a catch: Christine suffers from a contagious Magnum addiction. Well, probably more likely to suffer their guests, who get married after the holiday is no longer on the scale ;). Ne all good. In prices and the weather you have to treat yourself every day just a Magnum. ;)

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and I hope to soon!

Baracuda In Amed

Fish Paradise In Amed

Japanesw wreck, coral garden

Nemo In Amed

Sunset In Amed

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