Nordic Skating - Ideal Outdoor Activity

Nordic sports are known to improve general fitness ideal. Increasingly now conquering the action-packed variant Nordic skating scene.

What's behind the Nordic skating and Nordic Cross Skating

During the Nordic wave, which has sometimes produced very curious variations, has become the beginning of the 90s the Nordic skating. Just as the Nordic Walking originated in Finland and this sport. As part of the Nordic skating is simulated the movement of cross-country skiers, this being done in the open and completely without snow. The Turbo version of the Nordic Fitness Sports can therefore be exercised throughout the year without any problems. Weather-related constraints such as by wet (inline skating) or the lack of snow (alpine) eliminated all.

The sport combines endurance with this strength and dexterity. He also combines fun with athletics and is also easy on the joints. Nordic skating is based on a very simple idea: The overlong Nordic Skating Poles give the skaters extra boost. Based on the powerful repulsion to reach an enormous pace and it is the high speed is the appeal of this sport. In the plane, you can reach 60 km / h well. Accordingly, it is not surprising that this relatively new form and flourish is gaining enthusiastic supporters. Nordic Cross Skating here refers to nothing other than the Nordic skating. The addition of "Cross" is rather clear that can be rolled safely thanks to larger sticks and tires on asphalt, bike or forest roads and even when wet. Also provide the roller ski that come with Nordic Cross Skating used, brake systems, which also work very well on the road.
Promote their own health on wheels

With Nordic Cross Skating you can train your endurance excellent. Finally, cross-country skiing, Nordic skating advantage for training during the summer months. In this motion form a number of different muscle regions are addressed. Overall, while about 90% of all muscle strain. For unlike the normal skating not only work the leg muscles, but also the stomach, back, arm and upper body muscles. Few sports can unite such a wealth of beneficial health qualities. Due to the simultaneous demands of different body parts Nordic Cross Skating is compared to inline skating optimize blood circulation and improve heart rate. Nor can the rotational muscles of the back and also the supporting muscles of the spine in this way to build successfully. In addition, Nordic Cross Skating makes slim yet. For the mackerel you will consume significantly more calories than without. In addition, the joints are spared demonstrably stronger than about walking or skating. All in all, you can Nordic Cross Skating improve your figure as well as co-ordination and fitness. What could be better than to have fun and like to enjoy the best of health?

Nordic Skating

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