Discover the Island of the Gods "Culturally Sensitive": A Guest Of The Brahmins in Bali

Bali lies between Java and Lombok, the "Island of the Gods". The whole variety of tropical isle travelers experience with the Munich Asia specialists Lotus Travel Service. The intriguing and spirituality, the belief in gods and demons live from the locals as they experience as guests of the Brahmins Ida Bagus Wedha whose ancestor once brought Hinduism to Bali.

A guest at a Brahmin family in the heart of Bali

How inseparable the Balinese Hinduism is connected to the everyday lives of people, tourists feel particularly intense in the "culturally sensitive" encounter trips of Lotus Travel. This lead to the hidden heartland, where the traveler enjoys the hospitality of local families. In the village of Mas, he is a guest of the family of Brahmins Ida Bagus Wedha, the descendants of a holy island. Brahmins are spiritual teachers and enjoy a very good reputation. In Bali, they are consulted on all major decisions and deliver significant value as a priest by religious rites. "The big house of Brahmins" amidst lush green paddy fields and tropical gardens. Together with Gusde, the son of the family, Lotus Traveller Bali learn from a very personal side to know - whether you're strolling through the colorful market of Mas in a bicycle tour through the nature trails or when looking into the family pot. Gusde she takes with religious ceremonies. It could be the inauguration of a house, the Zahnfeilung a young girl or even a wedding. He studied hotel management in Switzerland and knows how incomprehensible some rites seem to us "westerners". The price for one week is from 1445 Euros per person, double occupancy, including all meals, flight, "culturally sensitive" program and transfers.

Bali: Of Gods seats and palm liquor

Both Experience Tours of Lotus Travel through lush paddy fields, mountains and vast coastal landscapes to some highlights of the island, such as the "Mother Temple" on the slopes of Mount Agung volcano. Guests also visit small villages, including the village of Bali's oldest Hindu and hidden temples. Here they experience the daily life of the Balinese people and learn how traditional schnapps palm and coconut oil is produced. In Elephant Park Taro makes acquaintance with the tourists sacred white elephants and cows. Lovina he can watch wild dolphins at play. The four-day round trip "Volcanoes & Gods seats" is available at Lotus Travel from 315 Euro per person in a double room. The price includes half board, transfers and sightseeing.
Relaxing at the beach

Besides the popular south coast and in the north of the island of beautiful beaches invite you to sunbathe. In Pemuteran, a virtually unspoiled region in the northwest of Bali, Lotus Travel has some charming beach resorts in the program. From here, guests can discover the colorful underwater world of the nearby coral reefs. "In Bali, there are some of the finest hotels in the world," said Lotus CEO Silvia Leibacher. "They are architecturally connected in a wonderful way with nature and create a very special atmosphere." An outstanding example is the "Hotel Tugu Bali" on the beach of Canggu. With antique doors, pillars, pavilions, ponds and sculptures, the five-star resort is a real gem of Southeast Asian art. Whether yoga classes with highly trained teachers, Balinese massage or dinner on the beach - the Tugu Bali enrich your senses. Six nights at Lotus Travel costs from 906 euros per person in a double room including breakfast and transfers.
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