The Island of The Gods: Adventure Travel in Bali, Indonesia

Our summer is the right time to travel to Bali. While between May and September in most Asian countries, the monsoon, the kids on the "Island of the Gods" sunshine and roses at temperatures between 24 and 31 degrees. Lotus Travel Service has some experience traveling in his program.

Like pearls on a string is lined with more than 13,000 islands of the Indonesian archipelago on the equator. Bali lies between Java and Lombok, the "Island of the Gods". The name of the volcanic island probably owes its approximately 20,000 temples.

Encounter trips into the interior

As the Balinese Hinduism is inextricably interwoven with the everyday life of people, tourists feel particularly intense encounter with cultural trips. Lotus Travel guests will offer insights into Brahmin families as well as the opportunity to experience the art, culture and music of Bali firsthand. Two Experience Tours of Lotus Travel through lush mountains and vast coastal landscapes to some highlights of the island, such as the "Mother Temple" on the slopes of Mount Agung volcano.
Bali: Gods of seats and palm liquor

But guests also visit small villages, including the village of Bali's oldest Hindu and hidden temples. Here they experience the daily life of the Balinese people and how fired example of traditional liquor palm and coconut oil is produced. In Elephant Park Taro makes acquaintance with the tourists sacred white elephants and cows. Lovina he can watch wild dolphins at play.

Balance in Bali

Besides the popular south coast and in the north of the island of beautiful beaches invite you to sunbathe. In Pemuteran, a virtually unspoiled region in the northwest of Bali, Lotus Travel has several beach resorts in the program. A special tip of the travel company makes "COMO Shambhala Estate" near Ubud. The luxurious six-star resort is located on a hill surrounded by tropical nature, overlooking an enchanted valley.
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