On this page you will find many two - to five-day short trips, which we call blocks. When planning your Bali Individual Tour We have put some building blocks that we believe personally that they complement each and geographically well as compiled itineraries. We encourage you to combine your holiday with additional Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java and the Sunda Islands.

Ask yourself your ideal Bali individual travel together:

To fulfill your personal desires and needs when traveling, we do not want to bind to a pre-program, but you can put together your own itinerary on this page individually. For various short trips there is the possibility that you put together a more extensive travel. The overview you will find a map Bali.

Bali many individuals begin your day with an easy-going package in Ubud. From there you can select a block that starts in Ubud and then planning a trip around counterclockwise. On this route, you can choose between many different components, which are provided with additional information. It is both an opportunity to travel independently with a rental car, which is not a problem due to the traffic situation outside the quiet little hectic South. Alternatively, you can also book a car with a private driver.

If you opt for a car and driver driving in an air conditioned van. Need but between blocks an additional transfer, we are happy about it. On the other islands in Indonesia, we recommend you to book private cars with drivers, because there is the independent driving problematic.

If you prefer the stand-alone drive, you can select your car. In this case, you need of course, no intermediate transfer and some days your route, you will leave the car might be too.

We do our best to accommodate your travel stay and your personal travel preferences and fulfill. Click on the travel request form and select your personal Bali Individual Tour. This is no obligation and you will receive a response within a few days of us with a cost estimate and a travel plan. Then you can book your travel Personally, put together. For questions we are at your disposal.

In other countries you can put together your own travel from the available building blocks, eg for your: Laos Travel, Cambodia Travel, Vietnam travel, Thailand, Malaysia travel, Nepal, India Travel, Travel China, Tibet, Indonesia, Bali travel. Feel free to look around on the other continents and the building blocks in the regions of Latin America, Oceania, Africa and Europe combined and select.
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