DID you know that in the city known as The Neverending Asia there are many interesting sights that may have never visited before? Starting from the stunning natural attractions, arts tradition of strong and unforgettable culinary heritage. This is what makes Yogyakarta as a second resort town after Bali.

What about public transport in Yogyakarta? If you do not bring a personal vehicle, it can immediately use the busway transport or hire a rickshaw and wagon with rates that are not expensive.

Some of the major natural attractions you can visit the Borobudur Temple in Magelang area (40 km north-west of Yogyakarta), Prambanan Temple (20 km from downtown), Ratu Boko, Parangtritis, Mount Merapi, Selarong Cave and others.

If you wish to visit the old buildings that reflect the history of the city, try to move to the Monument Jogja Back (Monjali), Vredeburg Fort, building monument near the railway station monument, Sultan's Palace and the Castle.

The city of Yogyakarta Gede silversmith which is the region located around the tall buildings of ancient style.

To learn more about Yogya further, a new visitor will usually visit Malioboro (batik shopping while enjoying the cuisine and the famous place Lek Lesbian Man at night) or just a circular path around the ring road with a private vehicle to be easy to remember way.

For those of you who took the child, can take him to the Smart Park is located near the Malioboro. In addition to having an area for education, the park is also newly installed facilities adequate water tap for drinking.

Having tired of sightseeing and shopping, you can taste the famous warm food Yu Djum near Ditch UGM (Gadjah Mada University) or buy a souvenir cake bakpia, wingko tripe, beans enting-enting and others in the row of shops near Malioboro ( stores commonly known is bakpia 25 and bakpia 75).

For the cost of business travel train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta pegged around Rp160 thousand and 350 thousand for the executive

Borobudur Temple

Malioboro Jogjakarta

Prambanan temple

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