Maybe the term epithet "Smile State" for Indonesia gained from this island. As far as I see, wherever I go, wherever I meet, everyone, all the faces that I meet always smiled, showing his white teeth and form a regular, as well as the eyes of a happy glow. Yes, this piece of life on Flores during the 8 days that I met. Indeed, Flores is very beautiful and has made me fall in love deeply. I will return, yes, definitely.

Unfortunately, Flores was not so lucky. Located deep in the eastern side of Indonesia, local tourists rarely receive visits in previous years, making Flores received unfavorable perception. Three of my friends say "Black", "Heat", and "Forest" when I asked, "what's on your mind when hearing the word 'Flores'". Although not entirely wrong, but three of this perception is not entirely true either.
Rainbow In Flores Beach

The island was discovered by Portuguese explorers and was then called Cabo Das Flores which literally means "Cape of Flowers". Although it is not known exactly what she means "Cape of Flowers" at the time, but the extraordinary beauty Flores may make the explorers are baptize in the name of the island and became its official name until now even though the island was once known by the name of "Nusa Nipah" because its shape is like a snake. Yes, all of these assumptions proves that the Flores is less well recognized by the Indonesian people themselves. Being situated in East Nusa Tenggara region that receives the influence of the dry climate of mainland Australia, Flores is often associated as a dry area. This may be appropriate if we talk about Timor and Sumba is famous for its desert and savannah area will wither during the dry season arrives.

Unlike the two other main islands of East Nusa Tenggara in dry climates, Flores was an extraordinarily fertile. The number of volcanoes to the indicator. The number of volcanoes that Flores might have finished third in Indonesia after Java and Sumatra! Flores land that extends from west to east (or east to west, yes ... the same thing!) Contains a number of volcanoes ranging from Mt Ranakah Lewotobi Mountains in the west to the east. Why is what makes it fertile ground Flores. Outside of these volcanoes there is a high mountain is shrouded in the mist of green like a mountain on the eastern tip of Ile Mandiri, near Mount Mbeliling Larantuka and at the west end, close to Labuan Bajo. Do not forget the National Park to Crater Flores Kelimutu Three Colors in Ende was a very famous, not only throughout Indonesia, but to the whole world! Indeed, the high mountains of mainland Flores on his face, making the island is green, lush, and full of blessings. Combined with the beauty of the sea is blue, truly incomparable charm.

Yes, other Flores beauty lies in its territorial waters. Flores, who is included in the Coral Triangle has many places of the world's best diving, not just the scale of Indonesia, but also around the world. Call it the small islands around Labuan Bajo as Kanawa and Kelor and Riung 17 marine parks in Ngada Island, to the beautiful forest of coral reefs in many points in Maumere. Thanks to its location, beauty and biodiversity of marine life this place is considered one of the highest in the world. Create a beach lovers but not fond of diving activities, you should see the beautiful beaches that are owned by Flores. The water is incredible clear with hundreds (perhaps thousands) of fish swimming and it was clear to the bottom when we see it. Ever been to a beach where ever you are the claim as the best beach? Do not dare to say before you go to Flores!

Flores is the uniqueness of other cultures. For the relatively small size of this island, there are five major tribes who inhabit the western part of the start of Manggarai, Ngada, Ende-Lio, Sikka-Krowe Muhang, and Lamaholot. Five major tribes have different cultural customs and different languages. Of the five tribes, while each has a number of sub-ethnic groups such as People and People Nage-Keo Riung, then The People Lio Ende and Ende in mountainous regions, as well as Krowe Muhang in Sikka regency. Significantly, if you are running from east to west on the island of Flores, then you will realize that the change of character of its inhabitants face a Malays Melanesia. Thus, it can be concluded, most characters in the Land of Melanesia Flores is a man who inhabited the peninsula of Flores Lamaholot the east, while the character that most Malays are Manggarai People in the west end of the island. As a side note: the character of Melanesia is the race with population distribution in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Oceania islands in the Pacific Southwest. Meanwhile, the character of the Malay is a race to the distribution of population in the region of western Indonesia, Malay Peninsula, Indochina and Southeast Asia region in general. Physically too, the character of Melanesia is more robust, darker-skinned with a distinctive face, while the brown-skinned Malay character, more slanted eyes and measuring more 'cute'. Hihihihi. Well, as a cross-Flores has been very good, this benchmark is a standard reference. It could be we'll find people in Ruteng Lamaholot or vice versa, the Nage-Keo in Larantuka. It could be right?

Lane traffic along the Trans Flores about 700 KM (about 670 KM exact) connects Labuan Bajo in the west to the east Larantuka there. This occurs because the distance along this path crosses the coast and mountain slopes (though, if the straight line is drawn, the length of the island of Flores just approximately 350an KM only!). The road now is a good teraspal endlessly meandering, up and down and you'll be in shock over it. Flores was traveling through a long journey that may be tiring, but your eyes will be satisfied along the way! Indeed, a few days is not enough time to explore the beauty of Flores. My prediction, 14 days is the ideal time to be able to traverse Flores as a whole. Sich can be made 7 days, but with a record of speeding and you have to keep moving all night (note: until now, no night transportation between cities in Flores except the chartered car. Travel and public buses will move padapukul 5 pm and last until the The next city at least at 9-10 pm). Cape? Yes, definitely. Therefore, be sure to allow extra time is rather long to traverse this beautiful island, so you do not have to be speeding, but paused to draw breath and look beautiful lined island, flowers, and the cloud-covered mountains. Indonesia is not beautiful?

Other Flores uniqueness and perhaps the only one in Indonesia is because the island is pretty old colonized by the Portuguese. The duration of the colonial period, making interaction with the colonial population was so intense, including up-mawin affairs and penetrating mating cultures and religions, of course. Yes, that's Portuguese Catholic who was very successful instill a strong Catholic influence to this island to island is very feasible for the island dubbed the only Catholic in Indonesia with the distribution of people up to 90% and above. Evidence of the Portuguese influence is felt to this day is the existence of the churches as the center of town / village along with a Catholic school education in the village or town. Do not forget, a lot of the Seminary, or educational institution of the priests who stood candidates in Flores. Thanks to the influence and interaction of all, the names of many residents who use the name Flores a la Portuguese like Stephen, Martin, Marcellino, and Joseph and of course Mary. Effect of mating-mawin can be seen in a number of people who have the Portuguese character in his face. Did look?
Sunset In Flores

Unfortunately, outside of exceptional charm, Flores and West Timor Indonesia into the category of pre-prosperous population. Popularity of tourism on the island is famous throughout the world have not been able to boost the living standards of its people to a better level. Owned a row of volcanoes Flores also caused by the position that lies between the continental shelf. Outside of the fertile land and the sea is highly produced, Flores was unstable and the location of a number of natural disasters that destroy life on this island. Still remember the earthquake Ruteng? Eruption of Mount Ranaka, Mount Egon and Mount Inelike? And of course the most famous is Maumere Earthquake and Tsunami tidal waves that destroyed Maumere and villages on the northeast coast of Flores in 1992. Yes, Flores just as the trajectory of other volcanoes, very prone to natural disasters.

Fortunately, Indonesia Society known for tenacity. Yes, Flores continues to improve and build, for the future of tourism Flores better. Nature is not regarded as an enemy, but as a friend, and the blessings in everyday life. The good news came recently when the Vote Komodo was echoed by the Government of Indonesia. Komodo National Park is located west off the coast of Labuan Bajo became very famous. When Labuan Bajo Flores and only receive a majority of foreign tourists in the years before, now the percentage of foreign and local tourists already balanced. Fresh air for Flores tourism course. It is also not immune from Flores own readiness in terms of highway Trans Flores is already quite good (it is said, Labuan Bajo - Ruteng once could be achieved in the 8-9jam, and in the rainy season, reaching 2-3 days! WOW!), The number of lodging and quality of accommodation (number of 5 star hotels began to open his business in Labuan Bajo), local governments work together to create a unified system of interest in Flores so that the tourists are reluctant to go home before Reservation on this ground. I see, everywhere, Flores tourism industry players are very excited and eager to make Flores a better place again.

Well, prepare yourself to explore Flores and get ready to fall in love because of Flores is so Beautiful. Ready?

Flores Beach

Flores Fish

Kalimutu Lake Flores

Beautiful Flores

Flores Traditional Dance
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