Have you and your friends to force the owner of the hostel so you can share a bed in a small bed? Or, for hours waiting for a free ride than the bus ride that cost under Rp 25,000?

Could be, you never show off how little money you spend while in Italy, but never tried to even eat at a restaurant that serves typical Italian cuisine.

If you've never done these things, then you should be referred to as being stingy. Indeed, as travelers, sometimes doing things that one or two times, efforts to downsize in a way that extreme.

Perspective would change if you are on the road. The money you normally spend on day-to-day for a cup of coffee at the coffee shop every morning, it could be seem expensive when compared to a full meal in a place you travel.

However, you may complain to think that the locals will not eat that expensive. Yes, it is true, but the economy could be the place you go, not where you are coming semakmur.

Trips are cost effective, does not mean living life with only bread and jam, and then slept in the bus terminal. Controlling spending is necessary. However, do not be distracted by the comfort of your trip on your own stinginess.

Convenient way of traveling but frugality is commonly known as the traveler is to utilize the true friendships via CouchSurfing. Through CouchSurfing, you can stay for free in someone else's.

In addition, the use of bus travel by night and occasionally cook their own, as well as some tips to save money when you travel. Here are some tips to save money without being a cheapskate.

Drinking water. In some countries, drinking water easily available via the drinking water fountain stand or facility is ready to drink. In Indonesia, one example is a three terminal Soekarno-Hatta airport has been providing this facility. Take advantage of the facility.

However, what if you are in the water destinations kerannya doubtful cleanliness? Sensitivity of the stomach is different. Although tap water has been cooked, it does not mean the water is ready to drink.

The safest way is to buy bottled mineral water. If you go to areas that are very hot, then drink it regularly so you do not fall sick on the trip.

More lunch. So stingy, some tourists even prefer to eat fruit and sandwiches, while she was traveling in a country full of culinary tourism.

If you are not eating correctly state the typical local cuisine, such as Italy, France, Japan, and even some areas in Indonesia, you will miss the opportunity to explore the tourist destinations.

Use tactics sumptuous lunch than a fancy dinner. Pack a lunch at the restaurant is usually cheaper than the dinner package. Culinary side of the road could also be your alternative.

Stay outside the city are expensive. In places such as Venice (Italy) and Salzburg (Austria), you do require a two day one night to explore the cities. However, stay out of the cities with high living costs.

You will be more frugal when staying in a nearby town but with a lower cost of living. Accommodation rates are often more expensive if it is in the city center.

However, also consider the cost of travel should you remove from your place to stay to the city center. Consider the distance. If nothing more than an hour, then the inn outside the town center could be an option.

Message before it comes. An order for tours or attractions tickets, plane tickets and local transportation, and accommodation, it is always cheaper than if you ordered moment has arrived at the destination. Therefore, should a message while you are still at home.

Go in pairs. There are many advantages and disadvantages if left alone. For example, you and your partner can share food, so that a large portion of food that can be divided in two.

Alternatively, the cost of accommodation can also be divided in two. The room rate accommodation with two beds or one queen size bed, would be cheaper if the cost is divided by two. Sometimes even cheaper than you fall asleep in a room with a bed size of an adult.

Avoid the additional cost. Cash is easy to make a deal when traveling. But, make payment by debit card can control your travel funds.

In addition, through the ATM can also exchange foreign currency at competitive exchange rate. Meanwhile, the use of credit cards are often charged for transactions made in foreign countries.

Therefore, prior to travel, first identify the transaction costs of using debit cards and credit cards you have. Choose a bank that provides the best deals for transaction abroad.

Use a guidebook. Lately, more and more travelers who want to read a book a tour without a state tourist guide. Some believe that these books have just a waste.

Have a guide book to find travel guides, ranging from tips to avoid tourist traps to all sorts of things to avoid during a visit to a tourist area.

Do not be too social networking maniacs. When traveling, one is usually a little open social networks like twitter and Facebook to make the status of his travels. If you get a free WIFI network would not be a problem.

But what if the area you want to go minimal air-free WIFI? Especially if you have to be online in the smartphone. Instead, you can be extravagant or exposed to pulses of expensive roaming charges.
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