Who does not know Raja Ampat? Islands are located in Papua bird's head is the beauty of the park store with the most complete and most beautiful biota. Raja Ampat natural charm as if not enough if enjoyed by only a day or two. Usually the tourists and foreign tourists to stay several days in the archipelago of Raja Ampat Islands to explore the islands that would keep its own charm. Because, to reach the Raja Ampat Islands takes about two hours by fast boat ride from the port of Mina Enterprises, Sorong.

The cost to cross from Sorong to Raja Ampat was fairly decent. Thus your time will be wasted if the alternating-Sorong without staying in the Raja Ampat Island. To stay in Raja Ampat, there are a number of accommodation that you can consider and cheapest bed in Raja Ampat too.

Waiwo Dive Resort
Waiwo Dive Resort is located in the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai, which is located in one of the largest island, Pulau Waigeo. Specialty concept of "closer to nature" was composed of 12 ethnic cottages Papua.

Each cottage is filled two or three beds and one bathroom. The walls and floor are made of wood to create an atmosphere of calm and peaceful stay. Only, the residence is not equipped with air conditioning. According to resort officials, Berto Rahawarin, it deliberately did not install air conditioning to create a natural atmosphere to stay. "The concept of forest Waiwo it down to the sea," he said.

Waiwo Dive Resort combines the atmosphere of the beach as the harmony of the forest. Cottage was built there under the trees teduhnya but also close to the beach. If you stay there, you will be pampered with the singing of birds and insects parade music that blends with the waves. There is a restaurant and bar separate from the cottage and it's not far from the beach.

Regarding tariffs stay, the manager set different prices for tourists and tourist archipelago. For foreign tourists, the tariff is Rp 550.000 per person per night while the tourist archipelago Rp 450,000 per person per night. While for the children, he added, just pay half the price. "Including milk, and three times a snack," said Berto.

In addition to lodging, Waiwo Dive Resort provides diving, snorkeling, and feed the fish at the dock Waiwo. There are two dive package. First, to 1-4 times the price of Rp 550.000 dive was diving. Second, to dive 5-8 times the price of Rp 450,000 was diving. "The price is already included with diving equipment, guides, diving at least twice a day," said Berto.

While for snorkeling, he said, enough to pay Rp 50,000 a day.

To achieve Waiwo Dive Resort, you can use a car or a motorcycle taxi to travel about 20 minutes from the dock Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge (RADL)

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge or the so-called RADL Mansuar located on the Island, Raja Ampat Islands. Accommodation is quite famous in Raja Ampat Bali presents the ethnic nuances in the midst of tropical forests and white sand beaches Raja Ampat. Entering RADL starting from a small dock that is connected with a long wooden bridge to the entrance of the inn.

From the dock you can enjoy views of the island is covered with green tropical forest blends with crystal clear blue water. During the trip from the pier to the entrance of the lodge, you will be spoiled with underwater views of Raja Ampat. Coral and colorful fish seen from above sea level. Sand beaches that surround RADL also safe for children's play.

Lodging is predominantly American tourists has 27 rooms consisting of 20 bungalows, standard rooms and 7. For the bungalow, the charge is divided into three, namely single 165 U.S. dollars per night, double 230 dollars per night, and triple 315 U.S. dollars per night. "It is complete with food," said Inya, RADL board.

While for a standard room, subject to tariffs 190 U.S. dollars per night with double bad, while the single 125 U.S. dollars per night. "Children 9-12 years, 40 percent discount, 5-9 years, 50 percent discount, and baby, free of charge," added Inya.

As each room in RADL equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fan. Each room filled with queen bed or twin beds equipped with mosquito nets that prevent you from mosquito stings. Each room is also equipped with a bathroom, hot water, and toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and towels. In addition, there is a dresser, washtafel, and hair dryers are available in every room.

Like the other hotel, every room in RADL equipped with wardrobe, and storage boxes of valuables. Another thing that is special, every room in RADL connected by a path of wooden planks so that your feet will be protected from the sand beach.

According to Inya, RADL not only be a place to stay for tourists. Those who do not want to stay to sample the cuisine RALD through a packed lunch for $ 15 U.S. dollars or dinner package at a price of Rp 20 U.S. dollars. Most of the dishes in RADL is processed seafood such as fish, shrimp, or lobster.

As the name implies, RADL provides diving and snorkeling for the visitors. "A lot of snorkeling and diving points around RADL," said Ina.

For snorkeling, you can simply remove the cost of nine dollars per day while diving for 35 U.S. dollars per day. "Diving 35 U.S. dollars per day without a dive computer, dive computer when added to another 15 dollars," said Ina.

To achieve RADL, you can hire a speed boat with a capacity of 20 people at a cost of Rp 3 million from Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. The residence also provides a shuttle service with fee varies depending on distance and type of kapanya. If you picked up from Waisai, you will be charged 80 dollars. While from Sorong, 400 dollars to ship a small engine or 800 dollars to ship a large engine.

Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant
Specialty Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant located in the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai, Waigeo Island. Government-built accommodation is located not far from the beach or beach Waisai Loving WTC. S

esuai to its name, Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant terdriri of a number of bungalows papua ethnic nuances. The rent varies from Rp 480,000 to Rp 600,000 per bungalow per night. Accommodation may be an option for those who want to travel more efficient in Raja Ampat.

Each bungalow is divided into four rooms, two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom. Each bedroom contains one to two beds are equipped with air conditioning. Then the living room has two chairs, one dispenser, one television, mini bar, and a dresser. While the bathroom is equipped with hot water but still available equipment such as bath towels, soap, toothbrushes, and shampoo. Although more modest than RADL, Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant is comfortable enough to diinapi.

Not far from the inn, there is a unique gift shop Waisai, Raja Ampat. The Inn also provides a gift shop for those who want to spend a typical batik shirt or Papua.

In addition, the location Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant not far from the Pier Waisai, about 5-10 minutes by car or taxi hire.

Homestay in Village PopulationBesides hotels and cottages, village homestay in the population can also be your choice to stay. There are five villages in Raja Ampat tour that provides homestay, including the Village and Village Arborek Sawinggrai.

Homestay or inn in the village Sawinggrai village built near the dock, on the sea which is supported by foundations like the wooden pier. There are two homestay which consists of a number of rooms, such as living room, and bedroom.

The cost of staying at the homestay tourist villages are quite affordable. Sawinggrai Village Homestay rent for Rp 500,000 per person per night, inclusive of three meals, and recreation such as bonus fish feeding, snorkeling, and watching the dancing paradise attractions. While homestay in the village of Arborek charge Rp 350,000 per person per night and includes meals, snorkeling, and exploring the village.

To achieve these two tourist villages, you can hire a speed boat from the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai. For the cost of a fast ship with a capacity of 20 people to Arborek reach Rp 5-6 million, while the Sawinggrai about Rp 3 million.

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