For many Indonesian tourists, especially those from Jakarta, is reluctant to go to the Raja Ampat, West Papua. This is because the issue of expensive foreign-run inn there. In fact, by way of a backpacker, we can go to the Raja Ampat at a reasonable price. Cheap Hotels in Raja Ampat also be said to be available in sufficient quantities.

The backpacker who wants to go to the Raja Ampat Islands, have often open websites from Jakarta to Sorong flight path at a time instead of the holiday season. To get to Sorong, you can see the site flight Batavia Air, Wings Air, and Air Express. Approximately Rp 3 million fares from Jakarta to Sorong round-trip and takes about seven hours for transit in Makassar about two hours.

From Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, you can walk out of the airport. Outside the airport will be found the main road to the city and its port of Sorong. There were many public transportation to the Port of Sorong yellow color, enough with the cost of Rp 3,000.

In the harbor, you can climb aboard the people toward the capital of Raja Ampat. Ship of the people at a cost of Rp 120,000 per person per day of sailing at about 14:00 WIT. Keep your plane arrived in Sorong before at 12.00 WIT, so you can wait for a break before leaving the ship. People traveling by boat from Sorong to the Raja Ampat will take about two hours.

In Waisai, Waigeo Island, the capital of Raja Ampat, you can search for hotels at a price of Rp 300,000-Rp 400,000 per night. For the purposes of exploration diving and sailing to the islands of Raja Ampat, you can hire a native boat.

In Sorong there are many Cheap Hotel with two star and three star that provide food with rice and various side dishes. The domestic tourists who want to keep staying in Sorong because the facility can make a day trip without the need to stay in Waisai.

To do this, you need to rent a speedboat around Rp 8 million per day with a capacity of 20 persons per boat. You have to gather 20 people so it is quite venture Rp 400 thousand per person was able to sail to the Raja Ampat for 12 hours straight during the day.

Beginning at 7:00 pm WIT until you can sail to four to five neighboring islands. Starting from the Strait Dampir, Pensil Island, Goa Karang (you can view existing coral skeletons Raja Ampat ancestral graves here), to the resort Sorido Wayag or directly to the Islands. Wayag Islands is Raja Ampat icon, that consists of several small islands are beautiful when viewed from above.

If you want to see a resort setting run by Europe or everywhere their come, you are allowed to stop and park at the pier. You can see the beautiful white beaches and clean sea water is very clear that the coral and fish can be seen directly from the dock.

Small island opposite the pier Sorido connected with white sand beaches and beautiful ocean views. Tour Guide From the resort will take you to see the atmosphere of the inn and surrounding islands are a lot of bali pandanus trees that are old and infertile.

We had stopped at one of the resort with a rate of Rp 2 million per person per room. We see the room is beautiful with views of the beach and blue sea can be seen from the windows and doors. Facilities to eat, sleep, and a guide for diving provided for guests staying at the resort. The Resort very clean and make you comfort to stay there. Occasionally there is the sea of ​​cranes that run at the resort. To stay at the resort, you only need to send e-mail and sign so. Your arrival will be welcomed in the port of Sorong.

If you stay in Sorong, good seafood, such as fish, crabs, and shrimp grilled, or fast food restaurants are often found in a tent and food stalls in Sorong. Typical fish is a fish budara Sorong. This fish has a lot of flesh and bones of so rare a small thorns that can be caught in his throat.

Sorong typical souvenir is taro or taro chips (Keripik Talas), shredded bread rolls of tuna, and grilled fish budara. For souvenirs, in Kampung Baru, Sorong, many found a store that sells unique batik Papua, such as arrow pattern, birds of paradise, and drums. Souvernir a koteka and Asmat carvings can also be found in some gift shop in Sorong.

For the night in Sorong, along the beach wall tents are often found stalls selling various kinds of seafood, grilled chicken, and Coto Makassar.

Now, as you know it, Raja Ampat is a tourist destination you must there, go there. Because it is still widely available Cheap Hotels in Raja Ampat

Cheap Hotel In Raja Ampat
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