Beautiful evening with a gentle breeze. The sun no longer fierce with heat shock. About 30 people have been prepared in such a boat dock. The atmosphere is very fit to ply the Chao Phraya River.

Chao Phraya is the river that crosses Bangkok, Thailand. They are along the Chao Phraya is a group of tourists Indonesia with a point of departure of River City. Around 17:00, the trip started to enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkok from the river.

On the banks of the river seen a number of stately homes which are among the well-established investment. Home prices in the region always soar high every year. Seen also the headquarters of the Royal Navy or Royal Thai Navy Thailand Headquarter.

Among the places on the banks of the Chao Phraya, the most interesting buildings of course, big temples like Wat Arun, Wat Kalayanamitr, and Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit. On the banks of Chao Phraya there are many temples, including the centuries-old.

As an illustration, in Bangkok alone there are about 200 temples and partly located on the banks of the river. The most compelling attraction is the catfish hordes gathered around the dock in front of the temples. The tourists are given the opportunity to feed the catfish.

As if he knew that every ship that docked means the time has come to eat, catfish, big catfish grown to the size of the arm immediately invaded. Tourists can buy bread cheaper than the boat driver for just 20 baht or about RP 6,000 per pillow.

In an instant, small to large catfish hunt meat that was thrown. Some fish eat bread until such violent splashing water everywhere, including in the direction of the boat. Tourists are exposed to water jets screaming but laughing. Brown river water but not dirty.

Instead of the Thai people do not like catfish. But, the fish in front of the monastery, said Nita (38), a tour guide who led the group of tourists. No one dared to eat the fish that live in front of the temple. Therefore, feeding fish can actually be considered as good.

Chao Phraya is similar to the splitting Ciliwung Jakarta. Only, Charo Phraya greater. Chao Phraya length of about 360 kilometers (km) in width along the Bangkok estimated to be about 350 meters. The Thai government is very keen that utilize the river as a tourist.

Pleasure not only navigate the Chao Phraya boat can do. The width of the river is also possible to pass a cruise ship. If you want to use a wooden boat that could carry about 40 passengers, the rate of 1,000 baht carternya or about Rp 300,000 for two hours.

Meanwhile, the rate of cruise ship passengers a more comfortable, including dinners and travel about 1.5 hours, of 1,200 baht or RP 360 000 per person. Anyone who is stopped, presumably will be amazed to enjoy the scenery of the river Chao Phraya means the River of The King in English.
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