Mulawarman Ubud Bali
Jalan Raya Campuhan, Banjar Ubud Kaja | Next to Abangan Bungalow (Near Sari Organic), Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

We stumbled across this place after we. Looking for a place to stay over the rice fields near Sari Organik We wanted some place quiet and cozy to come back after a long day of yoga and explore Bali and we found that here. We were here for a month.

The service was great and very personal. This hotel was only a few months old when we were and there was lots of magic and new energy that we were there.

The price was great, because we stayed a long time and negotiated a good price, but this is a headache. As Westerners, it gets boring. Always negotiate the price of everything in Bali

The quality was good, because there are large ceiling fans and air conditioning in all rooms. Great new beds. The neighbor has a rooster, you can know it is 5:30 clock, but it drowns in the white noise of the fan.

Clean rooms. New bedding and towels changed every day, although it does not need to be done. They do a great job cleaning the room, but they are human. The only problem with the cleanliness in the kitchen and they have a better job than most of the kitchens I've seen in Bali. Nine out of ten restaurants / I speak've seen in Bali, not code in the U.S. would be over.

The kitchen is simply magical. It is a public place to drink, cook, talk and eat together. It feels as if a mix between, in someone's home and a youth hostel is spoken by all the different accents and languages. The owner, Wayan Londri is a very nice lady and loves her guests. She likes to cook for you, if you stay more than a few days. Free coffee and tea throughout the day. I suggest that you trade some great Indonesian food with their rooms.

Wayan is not so easy, be patient perfect English.

The location is away from traffic and people from the ring of Ubud, yet practical when you go somewhere. You can up to Sari Organik down or removed in the Palace. 5 or 10 minutes by scooter takes you to all the museums, the Yoga Barn, Penestanan Road, a hip Road for most immigrants and Ubud's largest department store is Bintang. Quiet location, nestled between rice fields, surrounded by a ravine and observation of trees.

The rooms are of different sizes. They are simply furnished and Bali artworks. Mostly by Wayan business of carvings and statues The larger rooms have a bathtub. Smaller rooms have shower. Smaller rooms have a door that open from the side for small families. Children and parents in the other. Larger rooms have large balconies on the second floor. Large rooms on the first floor have a lovely veranda. The ambience at night is wonderful. Geckos, crickets, bats, fireflies and frogs.

A swimming pool is one of the future project. Hopefully it will be when we come back.
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Mulawarman Ubud Bali Ganesha Art

Mulawarman Ubud Bali Balcony
View From Balcony

Mulawarman Ubud Bali Bedroom

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