My friend and I took during our trip around the world spent 5 days at the same times Cili Emas and I start with the downside of our stay, it was much too short!

Had we known what a special place we can expect, we had planned our trip certainly different and would have stayed much longer here. Above all I do when I go to the other hotels of our trip back and think they were comparing with the Cili Emas, say with conviction that this was the most wonderful place we have slept.

The food enchanted us all. Times again and if I knew how, I would have liked the whole team without exception, every dish was prepared fresh and with lots of love and was actually as good as the other reviews describe on TripAdvisor.

The hotel complex is wonderfully idyllic, surrounded by a small fishing village, so that here you can drop everything whatever we drags around with him and just simply enjoy the day. The easier it is one then if you let yourself be pampered by the massage treatment. Really great!

But it is not only the rest of you are always surrounded the helps one to relax here. The facility radiates by its beautiful and tasteful decor in a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. My personal highlight was the beautiful pool area. From the size just right for the number of guests you felt here just well. A place where I would have liked to read books and relaxed for weeks.

A beautiful plant, in a quiet location with fantastic food and not just so everyone gets their act together. And who the owners, Nicole and Jochen, meets closer, wonders why no more about it here everything goes as it goes. The two go with so much positive energy to the thing that you will immediately understand how they have managed to create such a haven of peace. Here are two really lovely people at work, with whom we have many great conversations and communicating with all their conviction behind this hotel. And it shows. For the Cilieams is indeed a very special jewel on a whole special island.

We are therefore the most positive ERGONOMIC we can give. We will be back! :)

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