If you are on a package holiday in Bali, you can experience the Barong Dance. This unique event can be seen particularly in Batubulan and Barong is a good spirit. In this place you can buy a Barong mask as holiday souvenirs. That consists of a long handle, with long hair and is very decorative. With such a mask you always. Good spirit in your home or in your apartment

You can participate every morning to 09.30 clock on this spectacle. With a package deal you are free to run Batubulan and here you will experience this amazing performance. The Barong Dance is a constant battle between the evil witch Rangda and Barong mythical creatures.

The barong appears in the image of a lion-like figure and he has a good character. During the fight, injure the followers of the Barong, without shedding blood. During this presentation you will hear a very loud gamelan. The cast of The Barong Dance, three theater groups, which alternate continuously. That's an impressive idea and this dance is performed in seven acts. In the end, of course, win the followers of the good Barong and have magical powers. With this power, they attack the Witch and the struggles mightily with all their strength. Your witchcraft followers put in a trance. But then comes the Barong and cancels out the influence of the black witch

Barong Bali Traditional Dance
Barong Dance

Barong Music Instrument Bali Traditional Dance
Barong Dance Music Instrument

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