COSTA Rica has many beautiful beaches, warm waters throughout the year and supported the unparalleled tourism infrastructure. This makes the Central American country to be one of the best beach destinations in the world.

Nearly two-thirds of the Costa Rican border is the beach, so there are plenty of beaches that you can enjoy with all the activities and the natural environment.

Here are some beautiful beaches in Costa Rica that you must visit:

Nicoya Peninsula
Nicoya Peninsula is not a single beach. But the biggest peninsula in Costa Rica is surrounded and overwhelmed a great sand beach. In addition to the bustling cities like Montezuma, Tamarindo, and Mal Pais, Nicoya offers many secluded beaches and the Pacific are much more relaxed just as Playas Hermosa, Samara, Flamingo, Conchal, and Playa Grande.

Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio not only become one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, but also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Region horseshoe-shaped bay is perfect for borders soft white sand. The beach is surrounded by the blue-green waters of the enchanting, and at the top of the hill you can find a forest with a waterfall in it. In Manuel Antonio also you can do a variety of activities such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, climbing, or zipline, but do not forget to relax and enjoy the unforgettable scenery.

Playa Dominical
Playa Dominical is located about 30 miles south of the Manuel Antonio National Park. This place has been widely recognized as one of the best surf spots on the coast of Costa Rica. Here were encountered surf camps and surf shops

Montezuma is located on the inside of the Nicoya peninsula. It is a gathering place for tourists and locals special. The Rastafarian dreadlocked, tattooed Bohemia, and surfers and locals mingle here. In addition to the beautiful beaches of Montezuma Falls hotels also offer views and wildlife.

Tortuguero is a fantasy ecotourism. In addition to a perfect beach for sunbathing you can experience a number of attractions such as exotic woods canal travel by canoe, hiking and safari. You also get to see endangered species sixteen Tortuguero National Park, like tapirs, ocelots, manatees and green sea turtles.

Playa Tamarindo
Playa Tamarindo offers a variety of activities such as world-class shopping, dining, entertainment and beaches. On the beautiful beaches adjacent to Tamarindo, you can see the giant leatherback turtles (and other types) each year to the beach to lay eggs.

Corcovado is the jewel of Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula. It is a beautiful beach with dark sands shaded by towering palms trees. While the inland forests in the Corcovado National Park is home to some of the most distinctive wildlife. A trip to Corcovado would not be complete without a visit to the Isla del Cano ship that offers fantastic diving experience.

Mal Pais
Mal Pais is a beach right to carry out various activities in the sun, and the last thing many do is surf. Surf culture is the principle philosophy in Mal Pais. But if you're not a devotee of the wave, booked a package tour to watch dolphins, stingrays, and other creatures that thrive in the protected waters are a great alternative. In addition to the beach, you can also walk to a waterfall or conquering Montezuma 4 hour journey through the natural reserve Cabo Blanco to find pristine beaches of white sand below.

South of Limon
In the southern port city of Limon (Panama border), a number of stunning beaches there. You get to travel a lot to the beach and enjoy a dramatic sunrise at Puerto Viejo. But if you want a moment away from the beach then Cahuita National Park is an excellent place to camp, but with a note if you do not mind awakened by the sound of monkeys.

Jaco Beach is located right in the middle of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The area is growing with its nightlife, a variety of international food, and even a casino. You also can make surfing here.

Montezuma is the northeastern part of the bay lies the Tambor. The crescent-shaped bay (called Bahia Ballena) was once visited by the pope. Relatively calm Gulf waters has become one of the best Costa Rica coastal waters for swimming and snorkeling. Meanwhile in rural areas Tambor very suitable for the exploration of using horses, while the greyish-pink beaches perfect abuannya very fit to walk around barefoot. There was also the Tortuga Island which is suitable for scuba diving

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