Most restaurants and cafes are located along the main road of Candi Dasa. While there are a large number of eateries, many serve identical menus. The best bet is to pop into a place with at least a few other diners inside.

Indian food
Tel. 0363-42034

Café Wayan
Balinese/Indonesian/Fresh seafood
Nightly Legong dance
Tel. 0363-41138

Candi Agung Bar & Restaurant
Nitghtly Legong dance
Tel. 0363-41672

Candidasa Café
Tel. 0363-41107

Cinta Bali Café

Dewata Agung Bar & Restaurant
Nightly Legong dance
Tel. 0363-41204

Garpu restaurant
Italian & Indonesian cuisine

Ganeca Restaurant

Grand Natia Restaurant
Nightly movie
Tel. 0363-41889

Iguana Bar & Restaurant
Tue., Fri. & Sun live music
Tel. 0363-41973

Kedai Restaurant
Asian seafood
Tel. 0363-42020

Kubu Bali Restaurant
Tel. 0363- 41532

Legend Rock Café
Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat Live music
Tel. 0363-41636

Legong Restaurant
Nightly Legong dance / movie
Tel. 0363-41052

Lotus Seaview Restaurant
Tel. 0363-41257

Malibu Café
Indonesian food
Mon., Wed. & Friday live music
Tel. 0363-42011

International Deli, Café & Sportsbar
Tel. 0363-41566

Nirwana Restaurant
Tel. 0363-41136

Pandan Restauarant
Tel. 0363-41541

Pondok Bambu Restaurant
Tel. 0363-41534

Puspa Restaurant
Tel. 0363-41630

Queens Bar & Restaurant
Local, Italian
Live music (Monday & Tuesday)
Tel. 0363-41655

Raja's Restaurant
Nightly movie
Tel. 0363-42034

Ruma Makan Made

Santiloka Restaurant
Tel. 0363-41260

Temple Café
Tel. 0363-41629

Toke Café
Indonesian & Indian
Tel. 0363-41991

Vincent's Restaurant
International / Balinese
Cuisine & wines
Tel. 0363-41368

Watergarden Kafé
BBQ, Seafood & Vegetarian
Tel. 0363-41540
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