The region of Karangasem, the most eastern Bali extends, the greater the imposing presence of Mount Agung, the highest volcano in the Island as sacred, a terrible effect last eruption in 1963, the land of contrasts, population density much lower in the south of Bali . Here are some of the best and most beautiful landscapes of Bali, with green rice terraces with steep hills rising almost vertically several hundred feet. Although the region has become a popular tourist destination, manages to keep most of their traditional culture and beauty.

Candi Dasa
Candi Dasa is located at Samuh - BUGBUG village and is about 65 km from Denpasar and 12 km from Amlapura. Candi Dasa has developed into a small fishing village on the east coast of Bali Province, Karangasem to a folk festival. Here you will feel at home with the locals, away from busy tourist areas in southern Bali. The locals are able to do for you, the public transport to solve foot of the mountains, fishing, scuba diving or snorkeling. Candi Dasa is best known for diving. In the village there are several dive shops that you can to the best diving in the bay of Candi Dasa draw. To visit in the heart of the beautiful village of lotus lagoon and some of the great temple. Of particular interest is the statue of the goddess of fertility in the temple of Candi Dasa. There are lots of choices and price standards, and a wide selection of restaurants. There are many interesting places within walking distance of the country. Candi Dasa is also known for its pristine white sand. in contrast to the background of the sparkling blue Indian Ocean. In the distance you can see Nusa Penida and Lombok, and the lights of fishing boats "Jukung" or traditional sparks like swarms of fire flies from the sea at night to give a magical feeling of the warm tropical night.

Candi Dasa History
Formerly known as Teluk Kehen Candi Dasa (Kehen Bay) are known. But when he opened at the end of this area as a tourist zone, the name was changed in Candi Dasa. There is no certainty as to enable historical context. It is believed that this election, the names of history, "Lingga" in the temple, which stands on a hill, is Candi Dasa.

An ancient manuscript in the archives that was built in Candi Dasa temple in the house of the 12th century. The effects are called "Lingga" in the temple, believed to be the symbol of Lord Shiva. In the holy places often hermits received more than their solitude, "Heaven," said 10 letters as "Dasa Akshara '(10 = Dasa). Another story says that inspired the name of Candi Dasa Lingga to the statue. Hariti statue of the goddess and surrounded by 10 children. It is believed that the blessings of the goddess of prosperity and welfare of the people who prayed there Hariti.

Places to visit
Only 7 km from Candi Dasa, Tenganan, a Bali Aga village (the original Bali). This is a nice, quiet place to visit and the people are hospitable and kind. For decades, visitors of the "living museum" attracted many of them woven attracted by the low resolution (double ikat) cloth by the women of Tenganan. After paying a small fee, this is a village about 500 meters long and 250 meters wide and is surrounded by natural walls with three gates. A walk through Tenganan is very interesting, you can see how people live, some temples and other typical architecture.

Life of the inhabitants of the country, according to ancient traditions and ceremonies. They still practice the traditional arts such as basketry and Lontar palm trees leaf books or calendars. The village of buffalo roam freely and are ignored by the city. If you go Tenganan, read ahead, or a local leader of the village.

This morning, between 9:00 and clock noon, at the best time to visit the traditional market Amlapura. Here you will find a wide selection of clothing, the traditional shirts, all kinds of products pharmacy. In addition, there are a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables. What you can not find tourists and souvenirs. After this local market, you can go to Puri Kanginan. The royal palace was restored and worth a visit. The buildings with eccentric mixture of elements from China and Europe, built in traditional Balinese courtyard. The main character is more formal, in the midst of a pavilion.

Pantai Putih
Amlapura Candidasa near the city, you will find beautiful white sand beach called Pantai Pasir Putih. Against Amlapura, after the village Perasi BUGBUG in the village. Find a quiet beach, located in a natural cove, where nature is still untouched, and where you can swim in the crystal clear water. An ideal place to soak up the sun and take a picnic basket, or you can have a drink or a light lunch that Warung.

Candi Dasa Tours
The tour is the best east of Bali, how to make such a hotel in Candi Dasa. From Candi Dasa you drove the first three Amlapura, one of the most important city of Bali, where you could at Puri Kanginan Palace, home to stop the ruling royal family to visit Karangasem to 1966. This is a beautiful group of buildings, and you can search through the windows in the bedroom or a glimpse of the Raja set of furniture that has received a gift caught by the Queen of the Netherlands.

From north to Tirtta Amlapura Gangga, a water garden with pools and springs, and a large swimming pool where you can refresh with a dip .. Against Tirtta Gangga along the vast rice terraces. The hillsides are literally carved into the people of long grain rice and the eye can see.

If you are lucky you will also have the opportunity to see the majestic Mount Agung volcano, but most of the time hidden in the clouds. Take a walk in the gardens and the rustle of feathers and lotus in the pond to enjoy or just sit somewhere, and ended with the rice terraces in the valley and enjoy the distant sea. It is very beautiful and peaceful environment in Bali this morning, it's almost magical Gangga Tirtta.

From Tirtta Gangga drive back to Amlapura and then rendang Selat quivering and go where the road to Besakih and Pura Besakih temple. From the road offers a spectacular view to the south-east of Bali. Pura Besakih, the holiest of all Balinese temples. To be precise, it is actually a complex of about 30 shrines. Most of them are only loyal, but you can walk around and look at her paintings and sculptures in various ports. Pura Besakih was built at the foot of Mount Agung and even the mountain is in view of Besakih very rare to see through the clouds.

Accommodation & Restaurants Seraya Manggis


Located in a quiet east coast of Bali, is located 13 km ride Padangbai Candi Dasa on a secluded cove called Padang is used as a gateway port to Bali to remember someone. The name comes from Padang Bai Bay (Padang) and the influence of the Dutch language, turned the name Padang Bay, Padangbai. Padangbai is a perfect place to relax. The three beaches (Laguna Beach, Blue in the eastern and western Kacil Pantai) of white sand and perfect for snorkeling or swimming. The ideal place for snorkeling and diving, but also a cultural destination with one of the oldest temples in Bali. Prices of accommodation from budget to luxury hotels, such as the wide range of dining options.

In recent years, Bali is known as an ideal destination for divers and Padangbai the only city on the east coast, with harbor and from here is over, all the information easily accessible to the dive site by boat. Padangbai is also the place where you can catch a ferry to Lombok.

If Pandangbai, visit the temple Silayukti. This complex is over 1000 years old and have daily authentic Balinese ceremonies. If you have a bit more time, it is very easy and convenient Padangbai motorcycle or car with driver and you can explore the beautiful surrounding villages and Padangbai.

Where to stay in Padangbai

The port for ship's anchor Padangbai small and large. The region as a tourist destination because of attractions including white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and the magnificent panorama of water developed. Too busy the day of the traditional fishermen and the amount in the harbor is another attraction.

Panangbai The area is also known to tourists for the holy temple, the temple and the temple Silayukti Tanjung Sari. Silayukti built by Empu Kuturan. Besides these temples have also Penataran Agung temple, located on the west side of Padang Bai.

Places of interest in the region Karangasem

Yeh Malet
Souk Taman Asada
Puri Agung Karangasem
Bukit Jambul
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