At the end of our trip to Thailand we were relaxing 3 nights at this angepriesenem as very quiet hotel over the New Year and the bustle of the larger beach resorts escape.

Upon arrival in the afternoon we heard a very loud unpleasant Dauerpfeiffton throughout the facility, which even in the room was very loud audible. Could through the beautiful and idyllic jungle hillside hotel while we have set for quite a few animals and crickets, but this extreme sound of cicadas which are native brings an almost to the brink of insanity (my husband with his tinitus the room not even not) and is left only in the dark alone. I can not understand that this was not mentioned in any review.

The pump's own pool of our villa was so loud that it was uncomfortable in it or next to it to stop.

Sleep with the air conditioning is impossible because it is very very loud, but it is not very warm in the same villa.

The food in the restaurant is actually priced ok for a hotel but taste it was the worst thing we've ever seen in Thailand 8 years. Breakfast was good though, here we ├╝beraschte also the good choice.

In general, we find 5 star for the hotel review, since it is not in service yet with the quality of the food can compete with other houses in Thailand, the villas are ansich of the size good, clean and nice furnished, priced about peak season but in justified neither whites.

Unfortunately, the small cars that both the staff as well as the guests because of the steep slope of the villas are available as a train, cars and gasoline according to the terrace can be heard and smelled. Here this service from many other resorts is better solved with quiet electric cars.
After one night we moved out!

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