Sleeping At Pacific Club Resort Phuket

Pacific Club Resort Phuket
16 Patak Road Soi 24, Karon, Phuket 83100, Thailand +66 (0)76-398-350/2

The hotel is on a hill on the edge of Karon. The short distance to the main street has a little left, but there is just a 5 star resort built (Space to listen on site). Until the bustling restaurant and shopping area is only at 15 minutes. The beach is about 10 minutes. Karon is very much characterized by Scandinavian and Russian.
Travel by bus minibus from the airport very stressful: confusing when Buseinsteigen bustle at the airport, we stopped at a Travel Agency for "ticket control," it is trying to sell tours, but is not further annoyed when you say no. As the tour went only through Patong, it took us over 2 hours instead of 45 minutes to Karon. Although cheap at about 5 € per person, but also very intense.

The rooms were of a very high standard. The air conditioning is very good and quiet, so you can sleep well. On the balcony you can sit out in the evening and enjoy the beautiful sea view. The rooftop pool is very beautiful and open to 23pm, but only chest high. There are even some stone tables in the pool, to relax more than suitable for swimming.

Lying on the beach cost 2 + 1 screen 200 baht / day. Annoying are the many beach vendors who pass the time (by the minute). In the sea you can swim very well.

Pacific Club Resort Phuket Image

The breakfast is quite well equipped, you can let yourself prepare egg dishes to your own requirements. The restaurant was also very good evening. In the village there are two other restaurants that belong to the hotel, Karon Cafe (or similar) has the same menu as the restaurant, the other Mexican restaurant was quite ok. Was clearly the best food (on our whole Thailand trip) just the opposite of the Mexican, the "Two Chefs", as a tip on the edge.

We can also highly recommend the hotel driver. It had taken a transfer to Khao Lak, this agreed with him. It was a very pleasant and interesting two-hour drive to a market price (our hotel in Khao Lak and an Internet travel service have the exact fare required), even if it is very high for Thailand (in Phuket but just the way). Friendliness of reception and restaurant for thailändlische ratios rather durchschnttlich.

Pacific Club Resort Phuket Bedroom

I would book tours is no case at the hotel, we have one and the same tour offered (identical flyer) at one of the many travelagencies (by asking, compare save money!) Booked for 900 baht less! Avoid Ko Phi Phi tours on a "Big Boat" definitely (rip, mass transit, we annoyed the whole day) when booking then a small speedboat, or really with the money for a small, personal tour: Another tip on the edge 10-20, invest the money it is worth!

Great View To The Sea From The Pool

The spa at the hotel we did not use.

You get 2 bottles of water each day for free. In a small shop in the hotel you can buy the most necessary. 7-Eleven is about 10 minutes.

All in all a very good hotel, location rather little off, definitely recommended for people who want peace and quiet.

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