The resort of Seminyak are on the southwest coast of Bali. Here you can experience Bali in its exotic beauty and mysticism. In this place there are a few different hotels and bungalow resorts in different categories. Thus, the location and the surrounding area know better, it is advisable to rent a moped. Such rental stations are everywhere in the city and after a short introduction, the journey begin. In Bali, there are indeed driving on the left, but that you have learned in a few minutes, especially the Balinese are friendly and courteous.

The resort itself has a market, you need to see absolutely. Drifting between these wonderful displays is simply a lot of fun, and in any case you will find one or the other holiday gift. Act naturally has a long tradition in Bali and this makes the market traders but also the customers fun.

On the main street of Seminyak, there are many small shops and craft shops. Take some time and look at the stonemasons and carpenters in his work. That disturbs the craftsmen, on the contrary they are pleased with the interest of the visitors. Here are also some designer silver jewelry and beautiful jewelry.

For an active holiday Seminyak is particularly recommended for here windsurfers get their costs. Seminyak is a turbulent and exciting holiday destination that offers many experiences.


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