Top hotel, or should I say Cottages in Kuta! Our second stay at Poppies and it's getting better (and our 8th holiday in Bali).

What can I say about this place. The breakfast at Poppies is excellent, if a little expensive. We ventured out a few times and found TJ's Restaurant next to the Poppies the best value for money. The American or continental breakfast was really excellent and is great in the area. And it's clean. Not like some of the other "cheap" restaurants to Poppies Lane (or so gear!).

For dinner, we found some time back, Un-Paradise Restaurant. It's just around the corner from the Poppies Cottages and Poppies Restaurant. Try this place and I think that the hotel MAN'L find, particularly in Kuta.

Poppies Cottages are located in the very tight end of Poppies Lane first We found it easier to get there in the bemo corner and walk the short distance to depose Poppies. Most taxi drivers will not even down the road because it is so difficult when you do not know how. The Poppies is our dear, Kuta. It was a friendly and welcoming hotel. Price? Of course, this is a cheap hotel in Poppies Lane Kuta

Poppies Bali
Gang Poppies  I, Kuta, Bali 80033, Indonesia (0361) 751059

Poppies Bali Hotel Bedroom

Poppies Bali Hotel Garden
Cottages And Garden

Poppies Bali Hotel Pool
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