Kusuma Resort is One of "cheap lodging in Bali" in the Seminyak area. The hotel offers the following facilities:

The luxurious Deluxe Rooms totaling 18 units
3 units a delightful bungalow is equipped with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and living room open
4 luxuriously furnished bungalow with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, an open living room and the main door is carved with traditional Balinese style with high artistic value

The entire facility was built so that guests who stay get satisfaction during their stay there. A large swimming pool allows you to swim while basking in the sun. Sekar at this restaurant serves a variety of tasty dishes that will make your holiday memorable for life.

The restaurant is open from 07.00 am until 23.00 the night and were able to serve more than 40 people at once. Here you can enjoy a variety of international and Indonesian dishes are delicious with the quality of a five star hotel.

A large parking area with experienced security staff ensure the safety of your vehicle. Meanwhile, friendly staff who are skilled and trained always ready to help and respond to your wishes.


Kusuma Resort is located in Seminyak is one of the most famous tourist spots in Bali. The inn is situated between the excitement of Kuta and Seminyak vibration dynamic and very close to the exotic beaches of Bali. Although it is located between two busiest areas in Bali, you can still enjoy the peace and quiet in this. The combination of the two are very different things make it very unique and will make you comfortable to stay.
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Kusuma Resort Seminyak
Kusuma Resort Seminyak

Kusuma Resort Seminyak Bathroom

Kusuma Resort Seminyak Bedroom

Kusuma Resort Seminyak Pool

Kusuma Resort Seminyak Pool And Garden
Garden And Pool

Kusuma Resort Seminyak Bali

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