Amazing! That's the first word I said when I get to Ceking, better known by the name Tegallalang. Tourist attractions are located 30 minutes from Ubud Art Market presents a panorama full of charm. Rice fields that make up the rungs like a rug with a carpet of green rice.

Tegallalang captivating beauty turns a lot of people. Tegallalang also been a shooting taking place Silver Love starring Luna Maya. Tegallalang a strategic location because it is located on the main road from the Monkey Forest Ubud to Kintamani make this place frequently visited by tourists. While the time to enjoy the beauty of the rice fields is during the day because it was green lit and the rice will be more fresh.

I finally decided to get down and try to go around Tegallalang. Everything is green, very soothing eye.

Tegallalang has several shacks on every corner. Saung for local farmers used to relax or just enjoy the scenery. We also tried to enjoy the view from Saung. Seeing the sky orange and light from the sun that is slowly sweeping the line goes green and feel the breeze pepadian evening a wonderful experience for us. After a short break at Saung, our journey continues to the other side that has the Tegallalang rice terraces neater. Looks small river that divides between the walls of the rice field level with one another. It's beautiful! At dusk changed night, we finally had to get out of this place. The view at the time was no less amazing night. The stars look very clear as to envelop us. If you want to see the fireflies, then came on at 22:00 pm.

Tegalalang Bali

Tegalalang Bali Panorama

Tegalalang Bali Landscape

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