Tomohon FlowerTomohon really beautiful city, flanked by two volcanoes, Mahawu Lokon and make it have fertile soil. This gift can be used by the tribe apparently Tombulu, the majority of people in Minahasa Tomohon to cultivate the earth with the beauty of colorful chrysanthemums.

"Varieties of chrysanthemum in Manado there are about 21 species, while that was unveiled nationally as a genuine interest Tomohon twofold Riri Chrysanthemum (Yellow) and Kulo Chrysanthemum (White)," said Jani Lasut chairman of the Association of North Sulawesi Chrysanthemum when encountered in the field hers in Tomohon, a few days ago.

Chrysanthemum chrysanthemums or commonly referred to by the people of Manado is a sub-tropical regions of interest, but its unique flowers can be grown in the Tomohon, North Sulawesi, which is a tropical area. "That is now Tomohon is comparable to other countries such as Holland which also has a variety of chrysanthemum," said Jani.

Riri itself has meaning in the language Tomohon yellow, while Kulo means white. Which is characteristic of chrysanthemums Tomohon is great interest that reaches 15 centimeters.

Janis said the culture of chrysanthemums in Tomohon been around since the early arrival of the Dutch in Indonesia. "When I was little my Oma and Opa also been used for a variety of activities chrysanthemums good and bad," said Jani.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS TOMOHONIt is true because, according to the Library's collections Masarang Foundation's work in the writings of HB Palar said that chrysanthemums are relics of Catholic missionaries who came from Holland. They bring unique flowers to be planted in the country they visit.

According to feng shui flower or predictions of China as happiness is growing rapidly thanks to the holding of Tomohon Tomohon flower parade on February 8, 2006, which is the forerunner of Tomohon Flowers Festival (TFF) which was held in June 2008. Even now, starting in 2012 the title was developed into Tomohon TFF International Festival of Flowers.

Jani make a wish, in addition to beautifying the city Tomohon, chrysanthemums can further strengthen the economy Tomohon flower growers. "Now we're working to chrysanthemum cultivation in Tomohon can export to other countries," said Jani.
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