Geger Beach in Nusa Dua, not less beautiful with other beaches in Bali. The beach was very quiet, clean, with the turquoise sea.

Bali has become a holiday destination for local tourists or foreign tourists. The beauty of the beaches and the great culture can you find in this island. One of Bali's charm captivate any traveler is the beach. Geger Beach, is one of the beaches that will leave you stunned.

Geger Beach is located in Southern Bali, Nusa Dua area, near Hotel Nikko, 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. If a visit to this beach, you will meet a lot of foreign tourists, because Geger Beach is better known by foreign tourists. Mostly, the newlyweds spent their honeymoon on the beach, because it is quiet and away from the crowds.

Geger is different from other beaches in Bali, for example Kuta Beach. If in Kuta you will find young frenetic, in Geger Beach you can find peace. Geger beaches are still clean, beautiful and comfortable. Arriving at the beach, you will be greeted by the turquoise sea. Light brown sand beaches, smooth and solid, guaranteed you would like to spend your time at the beach.

Waves were pretty quiet, so many a traveler's swimming with her children. However, if more out to sea, the waves were pretty big and a lot of surfers who spend time there. Not only is the sand and the sea, on the coast there is also a seaweed farm. Communities around the beach is made of seaweed as a source of money. Maybe you can try a variety of foods or drinks that are typical of seaweed in place.

Geger beach known for its beach sunrise, so prepare yourself to get up early. You can stay overnight at the Hotel Nikko is located not far from the beach. The price is quite expensive, but the facilities guaranteed to satisfy you. If you want a cheap inn, I will give a list of cheap hotels in Nusa Dua on the next article.

In addition to sunbathing, playing in the sand, or swimming, you can also ride camels at this beach. Many travel agents which provide tour to ride camels on the beach Geger. Of course, around the beach while riding a camel, will be a unique and unforgettable.

In addition, the beach is also a favorite place to take pre-wedding photos. Its beauty will make your images with friends become more romantic. You are interested in pre-wedding photos in this place with friends?

Geger Beach is a hidden beauty of Bali. The beach and all amenities will refresh your mind.

Geger Beach Bali

Geger Beach Bali

Geger Beach Bali

Geger Beach Bali
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