Thailand has many attractions of the famous beauty. Just as Indonesia, Thailand has many attractions of the famous nautical with clean beaches with white sand. Phuket is famous region. Phuket as a tourist destination has several beaches you must visit, of course there are also Cheap Hotel in Phuket.

Before I give the list of Cheap Hotels in Phuket, I will give some of the beautiful beach you must visit when traveling to Phuket.

A. Nai Thon beach
2. Kalim beach
3. Sai Khao beach
4. Banana beach
5. Freedom coast

Kalim beach is a beach is not crowded by tourists. It is appropriate for those who do not like the crowds. At the time of my visit there, beach is so clean with beautiful views.

Next is Sai Khao Beach which is famous for its mangrove. The beach is not too crowded because of its tourism potential has not been arranged properly. But the atmosphere will be a memory that will be hard to forget.

Banana beach to the right place for you who like snorkeling. Not many boats that crossed the coast. The beach is called Banana Beach because collection rocks on the beach looks like a banana when viewed from a distance

Freedom beach is very clean beach. The rumor this beach many tourists found that sunbathing without clothes.

That is 5 beaches that you must go, and if you want to stay, below I will give a list Cheap Hotel in Phuket which I hope useful for you.

Cheap Hotel In Phuket Thailand list
  • Shanti Lodge
  • Ao Chalong Bungalows
  • Yu Nui Bungalows
  • Ao Sane Bungalows
  • The Beshert Hostel
  • Ann Guesthouse
  • Bazoom Hostel
  • Kata Beach
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Kata On Sea Bungalows
  • Fantasy Hill Bungalow
  • Rose Inn
  • Twin Guest house
  • Naithorn Bungalows
  • Mai Khao Bungalows
  • (camping only)

Phuket Beach Thailand

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