Bali CultureYou've probably heard about Bali being well-known for its lush greenery and coastal landscape. However the best feature of this beautiful Indonesian island would definitely be its rich culture. It doesn't require too much effort to be able to identify this feature and appreciate it as it is manifested in the islands buildings, entertainment, food and of course the hospitality of the people of Bali.

Admire the beautiful Balinese architecture by visiting Bali's many palaces and temples. Nothing would give you greater insight into the cultural heritage of Bali than a visit to these famous sites. Because of Bali's vivid culture and there beautiful landscape, the Balinese have a true appreciation for nature and combine this with their spiritual beliefs and you will find that this is what makes the tropical Indonesian island so tranquil.

This is also manifested in their architecture. Unlike the architectural aspects of other countries and communities, the Balinese consider several factors when constructing a building which helps them figure out the position of the building, the location of each room, and so on. Traditionally, each Balinese house would have at least a few stands of bamboo as they are known for their use of natural materials. When you visit Bali, you would also notice that almost all hotels and houses blend seamlessly into their lush green surroundings. There are said to be more than 10,000 temples in Bali, and you would notice that they have all been built in a similar fashion, with a lot of open space. This is the beauty of Bali Culture; one that you would find truly inspirational.

You would find that Balinese architecture, music, drama and even its paintings and other artifacts are all still laden to a great extent with religious connotations. Almost all their festivals and ceremonies regardless of the occasion are celebrated as a way of thanking their Gods and pleasing them. It is Hindu culture that is said to be the underlying setting of Balinese culture. This can be seen in Balinese paintings depicting various gods and goddesses that are very similar to those found in countries rich in Hindu culture. They also follow the caste system and identify themselves as belonging to a particular lineage. It is important that you respect these traditions and customs of the Balinese, and various other offerings made to their Gods that could be found at several public locations.

With regard to the family structure, the Balinese are known to live within one area of land or a compound. Several generations would continue to live within the same boundary. Each household rears their own animals and grows different trees. The houses also typically have their own little temples within this area, for them to pray and carry out their offerings as a family. Children may move out from their family compound once they are married.

The Balinese are known for their artistry, whether with regard to paintings and carvings made out of wood, or even their batik work. These items can be found at reasonable prices in one of Bali's many markets.

Balinese food is quite spicy, and consists of rice as the staple food and other dishes such as vegetable and duck. Most dishes contain a mixture of plenty of herbs and spices that provide them with their distinct taste.
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